End of Year Activity – Memory Book for Middle School Students


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End of Year Memory Book Passport is FUN to create and will make an awesome end of year keepsake! Students will easily make a memory book “passport to their new grade” that is creative and authentic looking!

Each end of year memory book page includes a “stamped” name for each area of study, a lovely filtered graphic, and a quote pertaining to the subject. Kids will enjoy writing about their “travel memories” to subject areas such as Mathopolis and Language Arts Lane. There are also pages dedicated to friends, music, pop culture or current events, and summer plans.

At the end of the year, it’s great to have students reflect on everything they’ve learned and experienced. They can write what they remember learning, what they liked best, challenges, or their favorite fun class memory. Students can draw pictures or they can glue in graphics or pictures.This end of the school year memory book is a unique “souvenir” that kids will want to keep forever!

You can use whichever pages you want. Or you can allow your students to decide for themselves. The graphics are filtered so students can write over the images, and it looks great printed in color or in grayscale.

★ Hope you have an amazing trip! ★

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