ESCAPE ROOM Grades 3-4: Escape the Dragon!


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You are the most awesome teacher in the world, and your friend is going to help your kids develop teamwork and problem-solving skills. The only problem is that your friend gets a little carried away with herself and locks the kids in the library until they can figure out how to escape. Oh, and your friend is a dragon!

For this exciting adventure, kids will work in groups to solve a series of FUN reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing challenges and puzzles. They will learn to follow written directions and read closely for information. Each challenge they complete brings them closer to the final riddle and the key that unlocks the library!

No special supplies are needed. Everything is organized and ready to go!
♦ At-a-glance instructions for easy setup.
♦ An original short story.
♦ TWO possible solutions.
♦ At-a-glance answers.
♦ Exit slips.
♦ Awards to celebrate a successful escape.

All that is needed is a color printer and a few envelopes or folders. Unlike other breakout activities, you don’t have to go out and buy expensive locks and boxes, because we’ve included everything you need to print and go!

Our ESCAPE activities are interactive and immersive. YOUR students are directly involved in the story. This is perfect to use for an observation, to set up for a substitute, to use as an end of the year activity, to use as a review, or to use on any day that you want to relax and watch your students have a blast AND learn together with a team!

Completing the entire escape can take anywhere from 40-90 minutes, depending on how quickly the class is able to complete the activities. Students will not have to leave the room. This is NOT a scavenger hunt.

Have fun and be sure to come back for more ESCAPE ROOM challenges!

This awesome resource is a collaboration between Pamela Kranz and Darlene Anne.


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