Fictional Narrative Writing Story Starters for Middle School ELA


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Fictional narrative writing is so much fun with creative story starter task cards! The prompts are totally unique, and the cards are bright and beautiful. You will be thrilled with the stories your students write while using these writing prompts!

I’ve included 36 prompts for three different scenarios, along with a specific graphic organizer planning page for each.

One of the scenarios involves a character being drawn to an unusual object in a quaint shop. Each of the “objects” includes an odd twist that will affect the buyer in some way.

A second scenario involves a character finding a crumpled note somewhere in school. The character will be drawn into a strange mystery…

The third scenario comes in the form of a fortune cookie, but this is not your grandpa’s fortune cookie! These cookies go above and beyond! The character will be drawn into an exciting adventure.

Students will use the story prompt as a starting point, but they will create the characters and take the story anywhere they want it to go. The planning pages will help them focus their ideas.

I’ve included several easy ways to use the story prompts successfully in class. You can set up stations, assign one type of prompt to the entire class, or you can try one of the other ideas. I’ve even included blank prompt cards so students can come up with their own story starter ideas.

All you’ll have to do is sit back and watch those creative wheels turn!

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Have an awesome school year! (And think twice before reading that crumpled note…)


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