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This Digital Independent Reading Response Journal for Fiction comes in an interactive digital version AND in a low color version for easy printing. They can be used for ANY Novel or Short Story

Are you wondering how to hold your students accountable for providing text evidence during independent reading? I needed an independent reading response packet that could be used for any work of fiction. I needed one that was easy to grade and included questions from every Common Core Standard. So I created this versatile resource that can be used for ANY novel or short story, independent reading choices, whole-class assignments, or literature circles.

This is designed to be used over and over again in your classroom. Because the reading logs are differentiated, they will “grow” with your students. I have also included black and white versions for kids who need printed versions.

If you would like the traditional printed version of these questions, you can find them here: FICTION INDEPENDENT READING RESPONSE LOG – MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH

Each independent reading log for fiction includes
★ movable elements
★ a summary question
★ a connection question
★ two text evidence question choices related to a specific standard from the Reading Literature strand
★ An easy-to-use scoring bar
★ Common Core Standards are ON each page

What else is included?
• link to the digital resource on Google Drive
• teacher instructions
• student instructions
• an easy-to-use rubric
• a sample response for modeling
• instructions for use with OneNote

In order to provide differentiation, students are given two text evidence question choices. The top one is subtly geared toward a lower level, and the bottom question is geared toward a higher level. Often, when presented with a choice, students will know when they can meet the challenge of the higher level question. Or, you might decide to direct students to answer a specific question.

~ Now you can say ~
Goodbye, useless reading logs!
Sayonara unengaging tasks!
Hello, learning tools!
Hello, accountability!
Hello, evidence of learning!

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