Nonfiction and Fiction: Writing Prompts Requiring Text Details {Bundle}


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Save $1.00 on this bundled set, which includes two sets of task cards, Nonfiction: Writing Prompts Requiring Text Details and Fiction: Writing Prompts Requiring Text Details

All of the questions on these Common Core aligned task cards require text evidence. They are applicable to a vast assortment of texts, and they can easily be tailored to specific texts.

Nonfiction Task Cards:

Each page includes two questions; one question is on “Key Ideas and Details” and the other is on “Author’s Craft and Structure.” There are 12 nonfiction cards in all.

Fiction Task Cards:

The cards can be used with ANY novel, short story or drama. It would also be easy to use the questions for a specific book, character, or story. Card topics include questions on characterization, conflict, mood, theme, plot and more! There are 20 fiction cards in all.

The cards can be used in many different ways:

*Cards can be cut, laminated and placed on a metal ring.
*Students can be placed in groups, and each group can answer a different question.
*Questions can be used as discussion topics.
*The cards can be used as a “Do Now” at the beginning of class.
*Students can even be given all of the questions at once, as they are also included in list form.
*More suggestions are included.

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