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Nonfiction Independent Reading

This reading response resource is interactive and perfect for assessing nonfiction independent reading. Better yet, it covers ALL of the informational text standards! It is easy to use, simple to grade, and can be assigned over and over again for books or articles.

We all know how important independent reading is, but it’s not always easy to hold students accountable without issues such as…#1. Driving yourself crazy with all of the grading involved; #2. Knowing all of the various texts intimately enough to judge students’ accuracy, and #3. Questioning whether students have read at all or are just trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

This resource has been designed to address ALL of those issues, which can make your life infinitely easier. There are several ways to use it, and you can use it multiple times during the year.

Each response log has a summary question, a connection question, and a question pertaining directly to a specific standard from the Reading Informational Text strand. To provide differentiation, students are given two question choices: one is geared toward a lower level, the other toward a more challenging level.

What is included?
♦ Suggestions for Use with Grading Options and Rubric
♦ Teachers’ Instructions
♦ Student Instruction
♦ Three Sample Answers (using two books and one article)
♦ Pre-reading Log: Setting a Purpose for Reading: Book Edition
♦ Ten Response Logs (for books)
♦ Post-reading Log
♦ List of 42 Nonfiction Books with Synopses and Lexile Levels
♦ Glossary: Academic Vocabulary (for reference)

The logs are so versatile that they can be used as an assessment packet, or they can be used individually for class reading assignments. They can also be used as discussion starters in reading circles. Because they are differentiated, they will “grow” with your students.

Options are included, so you can use this for books or with articles.

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