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Some call it Hinky Pinky; others call it Rhyme Time. Whatever you call it, it’s FUN! Prime Time Rhyme is a game in which students flex their rhyming muscles, vocabulary skills, and critical thinking abilities. Kids and adults alike will find it entertaining and educational!

-The objective of this game is to figure out the two rhyming words that are related to the hint words. Students can use the dictionary and discuss possibilities with teammates.
Ex. Hint: Enjoyable Marathon= Fun Run; Bacon Hairpiece=Pig Wig

If you are playing with beginners, or with younger students, you have the option of telling them how many syllables are in the answer. Or you can stick to the one syllable cards until students become more confident playing the game.
~Cards with one dot contain one-syllable (for each word) answers.
~Cards with two stars contain two-syllable answers.

Included are 200 rhyme cards and rules for playing several versions of the game. Blanks are also provided so that students can write their own rhymes.

Have fun with it! There’s always time to rhyme!

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