Setting, Mood, and Tone PowerPoint and Notes: Cornell and Folding Interactive


Total Pages: 34 slides; 23 pdf pages
File Size: 14 MB


Teach Setting, Mood, and Tone PowerPoint and Notes

Setting, Mood, and Tone don’t have to be too difficult for kids to understand. You just need a few tips and tricks to teach them. This unit will be a great help.

The guided notes come in two interactive styles: folding and Cornell. The 34 slide PowerPoint and the 23 page pdf include the following:
★ clear explanations on how to read closely to determine setting, mood, and theme
★ examples for modeling
★ video links to enhance the lesson

Specific setting, mood, and tone exit slips are also included!

*** Please Note: This resource is the TEACH part of my Teach, Practice, Test unit. If you would like more practice work and the editable test, the bigger unit is here:♦
Setting, Mood, Tone: Teach, Practice, Test
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