Setting, Mood, and Tone PowerPoint, Notes, Practice Worksheets, and Test


Total Pages: 30+ slides, 40+ pages (including answer keys
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Setting, Mood, Tone: Teach, Practice, Test

Have tone and mood been stumbling blocks for your middle grade students? One of the most frequent questions I get from teachers is about how to teach tone. Now, I no longer have to reply, “I’ll be darned if I know!” 😉 This resource contains all of the tricks I’ve always used, plus some additional goodies!

This Teach, Practice, Test unit is an engaging, interactive, step-by-step way to teach setting, mood, and tone. It’s a thorough unit that includes a PowerPoint presentation with guided notes, follow-through practice worksheets, and an editable test that includes multiple choice and written response questions.

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This is what teachers are saying about Teach, Practice, Test units:

★ I wish there was an A+++++ option! My students love this! It may be the best thing I’ve ever bought on TPT, and I’ve bought a lot.

★ I love your products! The powerpoint is beautiful and the handouts are designed with amazing detail in mind. Thanks!

★ One of the best products I’ve purchased from this site! Extremely thorough and easy for the students to follow.

★ I can’t give this enough A’s!!! Organized, rigorous, everything I need to teach the objectives for the standard. Once the lesson is complete the strategies can easily be applied to whatever text we are reading in class.

★ The organization allows for quick preparation of district lesson plans. If your life is full in and out of school, this is the resource you need.

★ I don’t generally leave reviews. However, this is PERFECT for my intensive kids that are struggling with these concepts. Apart from being incredibly thorough, the artwork is adorable. It is a bargain considering everything it has.


The lessons are versatile and easy to use. You can use them exactly as they are, or you can change them to fit your needs and the needs of your students. The PowerPoint presentations can be used with the guided Cornell notes or with the interactive notebook notes. You can stick to one method, or you can mix and match. Both come with lesson plans.

The step-by-step gradual release method starts with guided note-taking and then moves into scaffolded practice. It includes everything that students need to achieve mastery of the topic. And I’ve even included some fun, interactive video links that your kids will love!

Take a look at the preview, so you can see everything you’re getting!

The zip file includes
♦ 35+ slide PowerPoint presentation
♦ 40+ page pdf file including lesson plans, notes, worksheets, and answer keys
♦ 3 page test: editable PowerPoint version

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As always, you can contact me at darleneanne27@yahoo.com with any questions. Thanks for checking this out!



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