Speaking and Listening Posters and Rubrics


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Speaking and Listening Posters and Tools

Speaking and listening skills take practice and guidance. We all want our students to be articulate and confident in their abilities to communicate. The resources in this pack will help your students use language as a tool for thinking and communication.

Students will learn to engage effectively during collaborative discussions that are one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led.

The posters, notes, and bookmarks will serve as reminders and sources of reference as kids practice the art of discussion in class. The self-evaluation sheet will enable students to self-reflect, so they can monitor their own progress. The class checklist and rubric will help you keep track of and assess your students’ speaking and listening skills.

I have to admit that after observing my son and his friends sitting together while looking down at their phones and texting, I decided to hang these up in our game room. He took them down, but I think I got my point across. 🙂

This resource includes the following:
♦ How to Use the Resources
♦ Discussion Rules Posters
♦ SLANT Poster
♦ Conversation Prompts Poster
♦ Rules and Prompts Bookmarks
♦ Notebook-Sized Versions of Posters
♦ Student Self-Evaluation
♦ Classroom Observation Checklist
♦ Rubric: Grades 4 & 5
♦ Rubric: Grades 6-8
♦ Comment Suggestions

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