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If you’re looking for a dynamic retirement gift for a teacher, a book of memories and congratulations from the staff is perfect! This beautiful, watercolor memory book will impress everyone who sees it, including the retiring teacher who is lucky enough to receive this thoughtful gift.

Finding a thoughtful and personal retirement gift for a teacher can be challenging, especially if you have multiple teachers retiring from your school. This teacher retirement gift can be used for MANY retiring teachers for years to come. Yet, you’ll be able to easily customize it for each teacher, so no two retirement gifts will be alike!

Each signing page has room for either one, two, or three staff members to add congratulatory messages. The final product can have 10 messages or hundreds, depending on the size of your staff!

How I Use the Memory Book

I designed the first teacher retirement gift memory books for 3 teachers from my school district. They all taught different subjects and had mostly different interests. By choosing images that were specific to their individual hobbies, plans, and personalities, I was able to create beautiful, unique gifts for each person. I then emailed the links to staff members who added their own memories, good wishes, and photos. And my goodness, they were a hit! Staff members marveled at the beauty of the books, and we were proud to give them as retirement gifts. Best yet, the recipients were thrilled! They were especially touched by the fact that their memory book was so personal!

Customize the teacher retirement memory book in three simple steps.

1- Select the slides you want to include. Base the slides on the retiring teacher’s hobbies, interests, and personality.

2- Add the retiring teacher’s name to the personalized slides.

3- Share the memory book with the staff so they can participate by adding their own congratulatory messages!

Voila! A unique and personal retirement gift!

The Teacher Retirement Gift Memory Book Includes the Following:

  • PowerPoint & Google Slides Versions
  • An editable note to teachers who will add messages (this can also be copied into an email)
  • 5 Personalized Front Cover Options
  • 4 Back Cover Options
  • Retirement and Teaching Quotes
  • General Education Pages for Messages

Choose from many possible hobbies and interests. Include as many as you’d like!

Choose from many possible hobbies and interests. Include as many as you’d like!

✈️ Travel


⛰️ Mountains

⭐ Wine

⭐ Beer

✿ Gardening

⭐ Football

⭐ Tennis

⭐ Biking

⛺ Camping/Hiking

⛳ Golf

⚾ Baseball

⭐ Fishing

⛺ Camper

⭐ Dog/Cat (3 choices)

✂️ Crafting



⭐ Cooking

⭐ Photography

❤️ Family/Friends

♬ Music

✨ Rainbow/Pride

❄️ Winter/Ski/Snow

⭐ Blank pages for photos


Please click on the preview to get a better idea of everything included.

Keep in mind, the main file can be duplicated, making this a great teacher retirement gift for use now and in the future. You can use it to create gifts for any number of people, and no two will ever be the same! Teachers will love their personalized memento of their time at your school.

If you would like to add on pages that are specific to a subject area, check out the books specifically designed for Elementary, ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Science Teachers.Those memory books are a perfect addition to this one, which allows for more customization and included hobbies, interests, and plans.

A memory book is a lovely retirement gift, and the recipient will cherish it for years to come. ❤️

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