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Need a thoughtful and fun teacher retirement gift for a math teacher? A memory book filled with congratulations from the staff is perfect! This beautiful memory book will impress everyone who sees it, including the retiring teacher who is lucky enough to receive this thoughtful gift.

Finding a great retirement gift for a teacher can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple teachers retiring from your school. This teacher retirement gift can be used for MANY retiring teachers for years to come. Yet, this retirement gift will be so personalized that no two retirement gifts will be alike!

Customize the teacher retirement memory book in three simple steps.

1- Select the front and back cover you want to use.

2- Add the retiring teacher’s name to the front cover.

3- Share the memory book with the staff so they can participate by adding their own stories and congratulatory messages!

The end result?  A unique and personal retirement gift!

You can customize the book even more by adding the General Education, Hobbies, and Interests Memory Book. This awesome addition makes it possible to completely personalize the book by selecting slides that represent the recipient’s hobbies and interests.

The Teacher Retirement Gift Memory Book – Math Edition Includes the Following:

  • PowerPoint & Google Slides Versions
  • Decorative elements that apply to a math classroom
  • 2 Front Cover Options
  • 2 Back Cover Options
  • Special quotes just for math teachers
  • More than 20 pages for signing (over 30 spaces- just duplicate pages if more are needed!)
  • Decorative “blank” slides for photos or other additions

Keep in mind, that the main file can be duplicated, making this a great teacher retirement gift for use now and in the future. You can use it to create gifts for any number of people, and no two will ever be the same! Teachers will love having a personalized memento of their time at your school.

A memory book is a lovely retirement gift for a teacher, and the recipient will cherish it for years to come.

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Note: Expand your options for personalizing the math teacher memory book and make it even MORE special by adding the General Education, Hobbies, and Interests Memory Book.This file has a huge selection of hobbies, interests, and quotes, and will enable you to completely personalize the book.

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