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Teach theme in literature with this animated PowerPoint, a choice of student notes, worksheets, and a theme test. Lesson plans and extensions activities are also included in this comprehensive unit!

Determining theme in literature is a challenging literary element for middle school students to grasp. (I understand that, but I still wanted to cry when I heard, The theme is you can’t judge a book by its cover, for virtually every work of literature ever written!) Since necessity is the mother of invention, I had to come up with a solution. Theme: Teach, Practice, Test is it!

What is included?
Theme: Teach, Practice, Test is an engaging, step-by-step way to teach theme in literature. It’s thorough, and includes the theme PowerPoint presentation with guided notes, follow-through practice worksheets requiring text-based evidence to support theme, and an editable theme test that includes multiple choice and written response questions.

Best yet, this theme unit also provides you with two types of notes, so you can CHOOSE either folding notes or Cornell outline notes. (I like choices, don’t you?)

Students will have fun determining the theme of classic tales, original stories, and wonderful short videos. The culminating activity will require them to use their new-found knowledge of theme and text evidence to formulate a thorough written response.

What is in the zip file?
♦ a 44 slide theme PowerPoint presentation
♦ a 36 page guided notes file with practice determining theme
♦ a 42 page interactive notebook file with theme practice
♦ an editable PowerPoint test on determining the themes of multiple stories
♦ theme poster and bookmarks
♦ answer keys
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What is the gradual release method?
The gradual release method is a step-by-step process that scaffolds learning. This theme unit includes the scaffolding through guided notes and the follow through practice that students need to achieve mastery of the topic.

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