Writing: Voice, Audience, and Purpose


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Writing: Voice, Audience, and Purpose

Teaching voice can be challenging. But don’t believe anyone who says that “you either have it or you don’t.” With a little practice (and creativity) it is possible to learn to write with voice!

Writing with voice is tied to writing with an audience and purpose in mind. So this packet is designed to give students the information and practice they need to master voice, audience, and purpose.

This resource includes:
* a voice poster for display and instruction
* practice worksheets for writing with voice in personal and fictional
* instructions on how to write for audience and purpose (to inform,
entertain, and persuade)
* a fun and challenging group activity
* a student checklist that can be printed for students to use for
future reference

With a little practice, your students will be able to successfully achieve “voice” in writing!

Common Core Learning Standards Addressed:
Grades 6-12; W.1., W.2., W.3.



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