Writing Workshop Mini Lessons: Revision, Editing, Diagnostic Middle School ELA


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Writing mini-lessons are the BEST way to teach revision and editing skills! Especially when they’re used in conjunction with diagnostic tools for individual needs assessment.

This is a tremendously helpful resource that I’ve wanted (and needed) for a long time. It starts out with a brief writing diagnostic that is easily evaluated using the class recording sheet to determine students’ strengths and weaknesses. This data is then used to determine which mini lessons need to be taught.

This unit includes 18 mini lessons that you can use any time OR during a writing workshop unit. You can use them with small groups based on the diagnostic results, or you can use them with an entire class.

Students will learn how to revise and edit using the skills learned in the mini lessons. Best of all, the material is delivered in a fun and engaging way. Humorous posters are included for reference, and the “core” of each mini lesson can be cut out to be placed in an interactive or writer’s notebook.

Mini Lessons:
♦ Proofreading Symbols
♦ Revision Using ARMS
♦ Adjectives & Dynamic Details
♦ Sentence Variety
♦ Misplaced Modifiers
♦ Sensory Details
♦ Specific Nouns
♦ Unnecessary Details
♦ Paragraphing Fiction
♦ Paragraphing Nonfiction
♦ Commonly Confused Words
♦ Editing Using CUPS
♦ Commas
♦ Apostrophes
♦ Sentence Fragments
♦ Run-On Sentences
♦ Verb Tense
♦ Subject-Verb Agreement
and more

Take a look at the preview to see everything that is included.

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Have a wonderful school year!


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