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Total Pages: 7 page Interactive Notes; 26 Slides in Slideshow
File Size: 2 MB


Theme: Digital Interactive Classroom for GOOGLE Drive

Is your classroom paperless? Teach Theme Using a FUN Google Slideshow and Digital Interactive Notes! Take a challenging concept and make it easy and fun.

This is the GOOGLE Drive edition of this popular resource: Theme: Teach

The guided notes work in conjunction with the 26 slide Google Slideshow.

This resource includes:
★ how to differentiate between a topic and a theme
★ a simple, memorable way to find the theme of any work of literature
★ Interactive Digital Notes: 7 Pages
★ a text for modeling
★ a video link for practice
★ a blank organizer to find the theme of other works of literature
★ A bonus poster is also included!

*** Please Note: This resource is the digital version of the TEACH part of my Teach, Practice, Test unit. If you would like more practice work and the editable test, the bigger unit is here: Theme: Teach, Practice, Test ***

What’s the Scoop on DigELA Resources?
★ Fun & Interactive!
★ paperless
★ perfect for the 1:1 classroom
★ can be printed
★ ideal for flipping the lesson
★ for Google Drive and/or MS OneDrive
★ high level of student buy-in & engagement
★ easy to use
★ step-by-step instructions for use
★ You and your students will LOVE this!

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