Close Reading & Annotation PowerPoint, Guided Notes, & Visuals


Total Pages: 40 and 50 slides
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The Close Read and Annotation Posters, Handouts, and Bookmarks Pack has been supersized! It now includes a 50 slide PowerPoint presentation AND guided notes! Complete lesson plans are provided in this wonderful resources to assist your students in performing close reading of a complex text. Students will not only learn how to annotate text, they will also learn what information to look for depending on the text type.

***PLEASE NOTE: This product is part of CLOSE READING: POWERPOINT, NOTES, TEACH, PRACTICE, TEST – MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH Please do not purchase BOTH products.***

Teaching students how to read closely empowers them to become independent learners, and for this reason it is the first two words of the Common Core K-12 Anchor Standards:
*CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.R.1 Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.

The notes come in guided folding style and Cornell style, because choices are awesome! The PowerPoint offers instruction, and kids are prompted to fill in their notes.

The posters can be laminated and placed on display to serve as reminders about the key components of the close read. They can also be distributed, along with the handouts, for students to use as a source of reference.

The bookmarks can be printed back-to-back, and can be used until students become accustomed to annotating. They can also be laminated, and they will print five to a page.

I have provided options for individualizing as well, because some students prefer coming up with their own symbols.

Annotating text can be amazing for students who have problems focusing and paying attention. It keeps students focused, because it requires them to stay actively involved with the text. Annotating makes it difficult for students to drift off. It also enables the teacher to easily monitor attention issues and reading progress, simply by checking on the student’s annotations.

If you would like these posters and bookmarks, as well as guided annotation practice, check out CLOSE READING: POWERPOINT, NOTES, TEACH, PRACTICE, TEST – MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH

*The poetry version of this product is now available!
Poetry: Close Reading Posters, Handouts, and Bookmarks Pack

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