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The Poetry Made Easy method provides an easy and fun way for students to write poetry! Save $1.50 by purchasing the bundled units.

***This bundle includes the original Poetry Made Easy unit, as well as Photograph Poetry Made Easy.***

All students can write simple prose sentences and then turn them into poetry! When students realize that there is a close relationship between prose and poetry, their fear of writing AND reading poetry disappears!

In the original Poetry Made Easy, students examine a prose version of the first stanza of “The Homestead” by John Greenleaf Whittier. They will see how the language can be transformed into poetry with some simple changes.

Students will then write a short paragraph of their own, which they will then transform into poetry. They will be amazed at how easy poetry writing can be!

Photograph Poetry Made Easy has resulted in AWARD winning poetry! This thorough unit includes a step-by-step guide to writing poetry using the Prose to Poetry method. It also includes organized student handouts for writing personal photograph poetry, as well as a sample lesson to model with students.

* Please check out the preview to see everything that is included.

Both units are teacher-tested and Common Core aligned.

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Joy in poetry!
Darlene Anne


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