FREE! It’s Time to Rhyme {Dictionary Skills Game}


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Rhyme Time is a great way to let students flex their rhyming muscles, their thesaurus skills, and their dictionary skills, all at the same time! It can be simple or sophisticated, depending on the age and ability levels of the students.

This is fantastic to leave with a sub, although you will probably want to be in on the fun!

You will begin by giving students a sentence that includes two definitions. Then ask them to figure out the two rhyming words that are either synonymous with the definitions or fit into the same category.

Example: An enjoyable marathon is a
_______________ _______________
Answer: Fun Run

Then give students a chance to make up their own rhyming pairs. They should come up with the rhymes first, and then use a dictionary or thesaurus to determine the definitions or synonyms.

The answer sheets can be printed on paper or cardstock. You may even want to laminate them for future use.

Employ and enjoy!


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