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FIGURE IT OUT! is a fun PowerPoint figurative language review game for middle school students. It requires students to read a sentence, determine the figurative device in the sentence, and then “move” according to the correct answer.

This figurative language game is a great way to review AND promote movement at the same time! It is perfect to leave for a substitute, and it would be an ideal lesson to use on one of those days during testing season when the kids have to let off a little steam.

The show begins with simple step by step directions for the kids. Then the devices are defined and examples are provided for a bit of extra review. Within a couple of minutes, the game begins! When students find a device, they “answer” with the correct movement! (Kids are reminded they must stand in their own space to play.)

Figurative language and movements:
ALLITERATION | Tap your foot
METAPHOR | Jog in place
SIMILE | Pat your head
HYPERBOLE | Wave your arms
ONOMATOPOEIA | Pretend to surf

Two versions and complete instructions for use are included.

– One is truly “set and go.” The slides are already timed, so all you will have to do is put it on as a slideshow presentation and then watch the kids respond.

– The other is identical, but it is not timed. You can progress the slides manually (by clicking), or you can set the timings that work best for your students.

Suggestions for scoring are included. The timed version takes about 33 minutes, and then students are encouraged to write their own examples. Blank slides are included, so you can even type their new examples onto the slides.

Take a look at the preview! It is the most fun your kids can have!- Are you waving your arms?! 🙂


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